Saturday, April 10, 2010

Brush It Up a Little

A little corner of my studio

I think I may have gotten an F on my first homework assignment in my blog triage class. My blog doctor, Alyson, wrote me a comment on my April 8th post pushing me to dig deeper and think harder.  E-gads, talk about feeling like a kid again, ouch.   As you may recall from my previous post our first assignment was to describe the type of readers I would like to visit and read my blog. Here is the ironic thing, I pride myself on being pretty open and vulnerable on my blog and I had written about the type of people I want to attract to my blog and didn't post it. It made me feel too vulnerable, Ha, how funny is that? So here goes, I'm going to try it again.

I find it difficult to describe my ideal readers without talking about the intention I have with my art and with my blogging.  The intention I hold for my art is that it evokes a feeling of warmth or joy or happiness. That it in some way brightens the lives of the people who view it on-line or decide to make it theirs. I love beautiful things and beautiful surroundings, it creates a shift in my body, mind and spirit, like when the sunshine is out.  So I want my art to be a little piece of sunshine and create a papable shift in my viewers lives.

So my art blog visitors are people who appreciate beautiful things and like to create beautiful warm surroundings, this may be for their own home or they may be creating the environment for someone else.  They are also people who are happy, positive and optimistic or would like to be more so, since my typical subject matter is light and playful.

Since this post is getting a little long, I will divide it into two and post the other part tomorrow.

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