Monday, August 1, 2011

What Did You Have for Breakfast?

Boot  Buddies © 2011 Amy Hillenbrand
8 x 24 Oil on Canvas
$405.00 + shipping 

I had a breakfast of little green frogs this morning. No, that is not a french delicacy, but a powerful time management tool. I was listening to the fabulous Artists Helping Artist show on blog talk radio the other day hosted by the super fabulous Artists and marketing gals, Leslie Saeta and Dreama Tolle Perry. If you haven't listened, give it a whirl.  Dreama mentioned the strategy for getting things done, known as eating your green frogs first. I used this excellent strategy years ago when I ran my design firm, but have gotten away from it in recent years. Silly me!

Eating green frogs refers to the idea of tackling your biggest, hardest, most important item on your to do list first thing when you start your day.  Doing this is helpful on so many levels. 
A) You get the things done. Yeah!
B) You get the monkey (or frog) off your back so you feel lighter and brighter.
C) Since you feel lighter and brighter you will open up your creative faucet, possibly flushing out any artist block you may be experiencing.
D) You can go to sleep at night feeling good about yourself since you have kept a commitment to yourself.      (How often do you break commitments to yourself? Oh, that is for another post.) 
E) When you rinse and repeat over and over you build your self-empowerment muscle.

You may have heard about this practice before and even used it in the past, but have you tried it lately?
This concept originated from personal development guru Brain Tracy


  1. Amy,lovely painting, as usual, and great words of wisdom! Thank you for all of your terrific posts!

  2. Very nice. Love the light shining thru and the wonderful soft shadows in the foreground. Great advice too!