Sunday, September 1, 2013

30 Paintings in 30 Days Challenge

Petal it Forward© 2013 Amy Hillenbrand
24 x 30 oil on canvas

About the Painting
I was drawing a blank when it came to naming this painting so I sent the picture to my sister, Ann and asked her if she could kindly help me out.  She quickly sent back this name and then later sent me the reasons she had named it that. Suffice to say her reasons made me cry. She was sharing with me how she felt about some things I had shared with her. She felt as though I was paying it forward to her. It was so sweet, quite the sister moment.  What she didn't know was that one of my favorite things abut this painting is the two little petals in front. Cowinky-dink? I don't think so.

I am partaking in a challenge hosted by the ever-inspiring Leslie Saeta.  Leslie is a wonderful artist from Pasadena, California specializing in palette knife paintings. She heads up a weekly talk show on Blogtalk Radio called Artists Helping Artists. It is the perfect name for her show, since she does so much to help artists learn how to help themselves. Love her.  Now she is motivating more than 325 artists to paint a painting a day for 30 days in September. And I will be one of them.

This will be a quite a challenge for me because well…. A.) I have never done that before and B.) It involves a big commitment and C.) I'm a commitment phobic!  

Not only does it require a lot of painting, it requires posting the painting and having something to write when you post. Since I am fascinated with the human psyche and what makes us tick,  I decided to write about my interaction with my little commitment phobic gremlin. Hoping… 

a.) I will learn something
b.) this takes my excuse away that I have nothing to write about and
c.) if there are any other commitment phobics out there maybe I can help you unravel your blockers around this issue.

Oh gosh, my little commitment phobic gremlin is all ready getting freaked-out  because I have just declared online that I'm going to do this.  As I'm sure you have heard before, declaring your goals (other than to you and yourself)  is something you do to help support yourself to succeed in reaching your goal.  Tune in tomorrow for what my gremlin and I are up to and see my next painting. Better stop typing to I can start painting.  'till we meet again!


  1. I love these soft, lovely flowers beautifully shadowed in gentle gray tones..a great start to the challenge! I can't wait to see more!!!

  2. You've captured a sense of elegance in this still life... Beautiful! The title makes me smile. So glad to see you participating in 30 in 30. Best wishes!

  3. Great job, Amy! Good for you for doing the challenge! Best wishes for lots of good things to come from this!

  4. Thank you Maria, Linda and Nancy it is always fun to get comments. Always feels like a fun surprise.

  5. Your painting skill is wonderful to behold. I enlarged it and found your work to be even more amazing.

  6. Amy, these flowers are so fresh and delicious! I am so excited to see today's painting now, and to see the painting of the doggy with his head out of the window has made my morning :)

  7. Happy to see you and your gremlin are participating in the challenge! Love your beautiful flowers and post. So sweet. Looking forward to seeing more!